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Who are we?

The Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC) represents 22 cardiology societies in the Asia-Pacific region.
The APSC hosts its main Congress every year from 2017.
APSC 2017, the next main Congress of APSC, will be held in Singapore hosted by  Singapore Cardiac Society from July 13-15, 2017. The Organizing Committee is chaired by Dr. Jack Tan.
APSC 2018 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan and will be hosted by Taiwan Society of Cardiology from May 17- 20, 2018.
APSC 2019 will be held in Manila, Philippines and will be hosted by Philippine Heart Association.
Scientific Education and Activities include Joint Symposia held with other international societies, including the ESC, AHA, and ACC, and with APSC Member Societies at their annual meetings.

APSC 2015-2017 Excecutive Council Members

  • Dr. Prasart LaothavornDr. Prasart LaothavornPresident
  • Dr. Wael AlmahmeedDr. Wael AlmahmeedPresident-Elect
  • Dr. Kui Hian SimDr. Kui Hian SimImmediate Past President
  • Dr. Byung Hee OhDr. Byung Hee OhVice President Zone 1
  • Dr. Shing-Jong LinDr. Shing-Jong LinVice President Zone 1
  • Dr. Eugenio B. ReyesDr. Eugenio B. ReyesVice President Zone 2
  • Dr. Jack TanDr. Jack TanVice President Zone 2
  • Dr. Khawar KazmiDr. Khawar KazmiVice President Zone 3
  • Dr. Jayanthimala JayawandenaDr. Jayanthimala JayawardenaVice President Zone 3
  • Dr. Rosli Mohd AliDr. David QuekSecretary General
  • Dr. Kui Hian SimDr. Kui Hian SimTreasurer
  • Dr. Cheng-Wen ChiangDr.San-Jou YehCouncilor
  • Dr. Shunichi MiyazakiDr. Shunichi MiyazakiCouncilor
  • Dr. Wan Azman Wan AhmadDr. Wan Azman Wan AhmadCouncilor