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  • ESC Asia with APSC & AFC 2022

    ESC Asia with APSC & AFC 2022
    Register by 30 September and SAVE!

  • Invitation for the events organzised by the Japanese Circulation to APSC members:
    1. IYIA for International Students@The 87th Annual Scientific Meeting of JCS (March 10th-12th, 2023@Fukuoka, Japan)
      (Basic Research /Clinical Research Section)

      Application by August 31st 5:00PM, JST
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    2. Asian Pacific Grants for Innovative Research Plan@The Annual Scientific Meeting of JCS (March 10th-12th, 2023@Fukuoka, Japan)
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    3. ASIA-JCS Scholarships (Application By Nov. 30th)
      If you would like to study in Japan, let's apply for the fellowship!

      More information regarding “study in Japan”・・・・
  • APSC-JCS Scholarship 2023

    APSC-JCS Scholarship 2023 is Now Open for Application
    Download application from here

  • APSC-Singapore Scholarship 2023

    APSC-Singapore Scholarship 2023 Is Now Open for Application

  • Launch of Journal of Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (JAPSC)

    Journal of Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (JAPSC)

    Journal of Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (JAPSC) is the new official journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology. JAPSC is an English language, peer-reviewed, gold open access journal that publishes articles continuously on

    Led by Editor-in-Chief Prof Yeo Khung Keong, along with Deputy Editors Dr Junya Ako, Dr Derek Chew and Dr KW Park, and an editorial board of world-renowned physicians, the Journal aims to provide a forum for the latest cardiovascular research, publishing original research articles, balanced and comprehensive review articles, expert opinion pieces and case reports, written by leading authorities from across the Asia Pacific region.

    For any queries, please contact Publisher Mandy Webb.
    Read our Guidelines for Authors and submit your manuscript here.

  • Launch of Journal of Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (JAPSC)The Asia Pacific Cardio Metabolic Consortium (APCMC) Statin Survey (APSC's academic partner)

    The APCMC is a group of academics from across the Asia Pacific who have come together to improve patient outcomes through education, specific projects, stakeholder engagement and publications. We are very interested in the pattern of statin use across the Asia Pacific. We think there are significant differences across countries, and we wish to elucidate the reasons for these differences. We plan to aggregate all
    the data collected and publish the results. Your information will be held securely in an anonymized fashion, your data will be aggregated with all other responses from your country. Please answer the questions
    as accurately as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. If you have any questions you can reach out to APCMC  at

    The survey can be accessed here:

  • The open courses of APSC Cloud are ready for free access now.

    In the APSC Cloud open courses targeting on general cardiology, we have had on line all 11 symposia of APSC-JCS 2020, three APSC Cloud Forum webinars focusing on new or difficult decision-making problems in heart failure , adult congenital heart disease, and hypertension treatment (Part I) and a joined webinar of APSC-APCMC session regarding updates in new frontiers.

    Welcome all health professionals of APSC member societies to “ sign in “ to APSC Cloud connection button on the APSC webpage ( ) or directly to APSC Cloud website When SIGN IN for the first time, please select any account name and password by yourself, but avoiding an e-mail address as your account name for safety reason. Thank you all and feel free to enjoy the open courses we  prepare on APSC Cloud !

  • De ECG

    Educational ECG teaching App. Available on App Store and Google Play.


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